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Dustin SchmidtHey I'm Dustin. Thanks again for visiting my website.
The existential question of "Why am I here?" can be summed up in a few simple words: Navigate to Freedom™.
I do not impose limits on what I am capable of doing or how I can be of service anymore.
If I don't have the means or solution to your problem I have the resources. I'm like Mr. Wolf in Pulp Fiction. From computer and technology problems, to mentoring kids as a whole life coach, I am here to make a difference.
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Website and Blog Launch Today!

I am excited to announce that today marks the official beta release of dustinschmidt.com and dustins.deals. On dustinschmidt.com I will continue to offer consulting services in the areas of whole life coaching for kids and web technology solutions like WordPress. Dustin’s Deals is an awesome boutique toy store with the mission of helping children in […]

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